SpongeBob Mocking SpongeBob Masterpiece Meme

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“Is that a new SpongeBob figure?” “iS tHaT a NeW sPoNgEbOb FiGuRe?” Why yes, yes it is, and it's bringing the iconic SpongeBob meme to life! SpongeBob fans and meme-lovers everywhere will always smile when they see this Mocking SpongeBob Masterpiece Meme collectible figure.ur life.

  • Just like SpongeBob loved collecting Jellyfish in his net (and letting them go!) you will love collecting this new Collectible Vinyl Figure!
  • Made with exceptional detail, this official figure would make SpongeBob think he was looking in a mirror!
  • With aged-up packaging, this SpongeBob Collectible Figure is perfect for ages 6+.
  • At 8” tall, this SpongeBob figure proudly represents an iconic Spongebob Squarepants episode.

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Item No. US691005

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About SpongeBob

About SpongeBob

About SpongeBob